Macrame Christmas Decorations Kit and Tutorial Video

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Try the fun craft of macrame and create these pretty Christmas decorations.

You will receive all the materials you need by post, the only equipment you will need is a pair of scissors and some sticky tape to hold your cord in place whilst tying your knots. You will also receive a password to access the online 'how to' video tutorial on the Crafting with Lyndsey website, showing you how to tie your macrame knots and guide you through step by step to create your macrame Christmas decorations.

The workshop is perfect for macrame beginners. You will receive enough 9mm braided cord to make three Christmas decorations, one cream, one pine green and one avocado green. You will also receive enough 3mm braided cord for embellishments, two in red and one in white. Each Christmas decoration measures approximately 7cm wide and 15cm long.

*Please note the cord for your decorations will be posted to you and a password to access the 'how to' instruction video will be on a note sent with your materials. You will not receive any printed instructions.

This kit is not suitable for children under 14 years.