Loom Knitting Online Workshop

Welcome to the Loom Knitting Online Workshop.

The videos below show you how to cast on, knit using a loom and cast off, making a snood scarf. Please note there is no audio with these videos.

 - Casting On

To cast on, first create a slip knot and attach this to the end peg to secure your yarn. Then cast on nine pegs to create your snood scarf, as shown in the video.

Knitting with a Loom

To knit your rows, ensure there are two loops on every peg and then take your tool and lift the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg. Repeat this process for each peg and once each peg has just one loop, wrap your yarn round each peg again. Once you have knitted a couple of rows you can remove your slip knot from the end peg. Keep repeating the process, shown in the video until your snood scarf is the desired length. 

Casting Off

Once you have knitted enough rows for your snood scarf you can cast off. To cast off, ensure you start at the opposite peg to the peg where your yarn end is. Follow the process as shown and leave a tail end of approximately 25cm to sew up your snood. Once you have casted off you can tighten your knit at the cast on end by passing each loop back through the last as shown. Then sew your two ends together to complete your snood scarf.